Twhy Twhy title graphics

Design collaboration between Twhy Twhy - the maker of premium rice crackers - and Juho Viitasalo has continued since 2010. The on-going project covers everything from the corporate identity to package design and store interiors. The overall identity and atmosphere combines modern Japanese aesthetics with Nordic simplicity. During this project the company and its products have been prominently displayed on Japanese media and received awards from such organizations such as Nikkei and ACCJ.

Twhy Twhy gift box
The gift box contains many of the key elements of the identity: purple red color, paper ribbon and pattern.

Twhy Twhy gift box
The special set box uses pink color and large patterns.

Twhy Twhy round box
A round set box is used for seasonal sets together with tetra shaped packaging.

Twhy Twhy tetra
Close-up of the tetra packages.

Twhy Twhy rice
Since 2013 Twhy Twhy has also sold rice. The rice packages have been branded accordingly.

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