3D, Nano and other technologies

Some of the technologies Juho Viitasalo uses and works with.


Since 1993 Juho has used various 3D CAD packages such as Alias, Rhinoceros, 3D Max, Maya, Blender, Modo, Softimage, Renderman etc.

The platforms he has used include Silicon Graphics IRIX, Linux, MacOS, DOS and Windows.

3D Printing and Scanning

Juho has used 3D printing since 1999. Ever since it has been a standard tool in his design projects. He is familiar with various 3D printing materials ranging from plastics to metals.

He was also a member of "Shapeways Crew" a group of dedicated Shapeways community members who are creative leaders and visionaries.

Juho has given consulting services to various companies and entities including the Osaka city government regarding these technologies.


Besides his industrial design activities Juho Viitasalo works with the research and development of nanomaterials. This includes areas such as molecular powders, superconductors and graphene.

Nanomaterials offer exciting possibilities for industrial design and product development in the future.