Furoshiki title banner

Furoshiki series for Kotonowa released in 2013 and updated in 2016.
Brand: Kotonowa
Client: Maruwa Co., Ltd.
Kotonowa logo

Kotonowa is a Kyoto based brand of premium Japanese furoshiki. Furoshiki are a traditional Japanese textile used for wrapping presents and for transporting various items. Furoshiki can also be folded into a bag and used together with the summer kimono yukata - which is a popular attire during the summer's fireworks season every year. Furoshiki can also be used as table cloths or scarves.

The furoshiki in this series are made of cotton. Size of the original five textiles are 90cm x 90cm. The new three patterns released in 2016 come also in 50cm x 50cm.

Kotonowa is a brand owned by Kyoto based Maruwa Co., Ltd. The company has a long history in traditional Japanese textiles.

Finlandia furoshiki lineup 2016

Three new patterns were added in 2016: Aurinko (orange), Suvi (yellow) and Meri (cyan).

Finlandia furoshiki lineup 2013

The lineup consists of five patterns: Taimi (red), Satama (black), Nuppu (blue), Aika (green) and Kesa (pink). Patterns are based on the Finlandia Series of patterns designed by Juho Viitasalo. The patterns have been used in smart phone cases and other lifestyle products. The blue Nuppu pattern was used as the logo of Essence of Finnish Design and Culture exhibition in Japan in 2012. A limited-edition version of Nuppu furoshiki were sold at the event.


Nuppu pattern furoshiki as a bag together with yukata (summer kimono). To the right two wine bottles wrapped in furoshiki.

Boxes wrapped with furoshiki

Presents wrapped in Aika and Kesa furoshiki.

Satama pattern as a furoshiki bag

Satama pattern as a furoshiki bag.

Suomessa Finlandia-tuotteita edustaa Meloni Works.